Center for Social Action Documentation Research and Training (ADHIKAR)




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Vision: ADHIKAR works to achieve a balanced society free of exploitation and based on human values of love, peace, freedom, and equality. A society where social and economic justice are ensured and each human being regardless of cast, creed or religion can exercise her/ his basic fundamental rights in a dignified manner and feels herself/himself to be instrumental for her/his socio-economic development in an atmosphere of social harmony.

Mission: Our mission is economic and political empowerment of the
marginalised and deprived communities in the rural and urban area of Orissa through ensuring an effective, flexible and responsible financial service system and safeguarding the fundamental human rights which will help these helpless people towards a just and meaningful living.

Area of work:

ADHIKAR is an organisation, registered in 1991, which is committed to the social cause of protecting human rights of the poor, particularly rural women. It is a voluntary organisation involved in a multitude of activities with a relentless and selfless serving attitude, committed to integrated community development through a process of empowering
rural people in general and women, in particular.

Main lines of work:

• To build sustainable organisations for the poor people of Orissa,
• To make livelihood efforts more feasible,
• To expand outreach in order to extend
poverty eradication efforts through various empowerment processes including extension of Micro Finance, and
• To make people aware of their genuine social and human rights.


Head Office - 113/2526, Khandagiri Vihar Bhubaneswar-30, Orissa;
Pin- 752054, India